Dmitry Ostrovsky is a versatile global citizen. Entrepreneur, Influencer, Freelance Photographer and Blogger who is based in authentic Tel Aviv, Israel.

He is a digital witty creative and true perfectionist fully committed to his activities.


Dmitry has passion for travel, adventure and new experiences. He is a skilled photographer and digital content creator who develops consistent, visually stunning work. His wide range of skills and appeal have found a large fan-base. Being an idea man, Dmitry is eager and open to the projects & travel worldwide.

Known for his clean lines and technically crafted images, Dmitry works independently with local and international clients. His expertise in fashion photography is strongly influenced by his interest in architecture and his technical approach to shape, light and composition.

Fine art has captivated Dmitry’s attention and he has found its embodiment in photography. He has mastered the art of capturing moments of life.

You can follow Dmitry’s steps and experiences on his
Instagram and Facebook pages.