Well, hello! What’s the latest?

I would like to share a portion of inspiration with you about the place I live in.
Jaffa which is more than 4000 years old is one of the most ancient towns in the world. It’s a beautiful sea town which captivates you in a heartbeat. This town is believed to be the place where Noah built his Ark and Perseus set Andromeda free. Nowadays the town is a part of Tel Aviv Yafo. It’s a local tourist attraction for those who got bored of noisy Tel Aviv and have a desire to plunge in the atmosphere of serenity and tranquility.

Jaffa represents an ensemble of ancient narrow streets, numerous religious and historical sights, artists’ and musicians’ quarters, museums, art galleries,  seafood restaurants and  the quay from where you can enjoy the picturesque view on the sea and the boats. The territory of the old town is inhabited by Israeli bohemians – artists, sculptors, poets, writers, musicians, and other loafers.

Jaffa is traditionally considered the town of creative people that’s why there reigns the special atmosphere. You can see plenty of flea markets, artist’s workshops and galleries. Walking along the cosy streets you can see the musicians performing here and the artists exposing their paintings.
Around every corner of these old streets mentioned in the myths and religious texts one can find the shops with unique products of Israeli designers. Besides, there are various cafes and restaurants competing for the title of the best hipster place.

Fish restaurants are a kind of other sight as here you can not only taste delicious seafood dishes but enjoy the surrounding view of the port town as well.

Except for the showrooms and cafes, a large territory of Jaffa  is occupied by the world-famous Shuk Hapishpishim Flea Market. The majority of guide-books include it into the rate of the best world flea markets, where one should definitely come for a visit and find something special in the bunch of old things. Except for antique, there are lots of shops and stores with authentic jewelry and designer cloth. There’s good chance you’ll spend all your travel budget on the souvenirs, rings and ear-rings. I’ve got one last thing to say - Jaffa has   its  unique style which can hardly be compared with other towns.