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Today I  would like to share my impressions about the wonderful place I have recently visited.

If you consider that the Dead Sea and Makhtesh Ramon are the most amazing natural sites now you  can add one more natural wonder to your treasury of remarkable places. It’s located on the other end of Israel in the northern part of the country in Western Galilee.

Rosh HaNikra is a unique place which represents the 200-meter system of cave grottos in the Quaternary era rocks on the Mediterranean coast of Upper Galilee at the border of Israel with Lebanon.

Rosh HaNikra in its literal translation means – the broken head (Rosh- the peak and Nikra – the crack).

The history of this spectacular place is really noteworthy. In the ancient times there were passing the merchant caravans which were travelling from the north of the Mediterranean coast to Egypt and other African countries. It’s supposed that the troops of Alexander the Great were  moving forward through the same area of Rosh HaNikra after the  victory over Finikia in 333 B.C. 

During the  World War II the Englishmen bored the tunnel with a length of 250 meters while building the railroad from Haifa to Beirut. By the way, Israelis walled up the tunnel and made a movie theater out of it.