Tel Aviv is probably the most cosmopolitan city on the planet. First of all that’s because almost all the inhabitants have come here during the last half century from all the corners of the Eastern hemisphere. We can hardly call it a Jewish city. ​

The carriers of pure Jewish culture have chosen for the settlement other cities, more suitable for them. Those who didn’t define themselves against other nations and cultures have gathered in Tel Aviv. These are young, cheerful and creative people who speak a variety of languages. In such a way on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea there appeared the so-called melting pot of people of different nationalities, languages and cultures, who understand each other perfectly and live on the same wavelength.

I went for a walk to the center of Tel Aviv to take some interesting portraits, and I was really surprised with the fact that it appeared so easy to take shots of the passers-by in this country.

  • Israeli people are very different. They differ in their appearance, in their inner world, in everything  — some of them grew up in the storeroom of the sublet in the Union, others were lazing in the villa in California, yet others were forced to escape from the war and persecutions in their own country.
  • Practically all population of the country are emigrants, if not in the first generation then in the second. Almost  everyone has a mixture of different bloods in his veins. Perhaps, that’s why they have so distinctive faces and characters?
  • Now they return to the lifestyle which they lost two thousand years ago. Just in a new way. Even Hebrew is a language invented from the scratch.  They have stitched new words on the basis of the ancient roots.
  • The inhabitants of Tel Aviv make this city the best, the worst, the most favorite, the most hateful, the most beautiful and the ugliest one at the same time. But this city definitely never leaves people indifferent.
  • Tel Aviv doesn’t bear glamour like a seductive Gipsy who has no need in manicure and deodorant. The people of Tel Aviv walk along the streets in house slippers and ornamentedpants, they kiss each other upon meeting and stand for a long time swaying and embracing each other, laying their heads on each other’s shoulders as if they are saying goodbye.
  • They work, without being tired, eat without a break and shout at each other in despair – without anger and without need, as in Fellini’s movies. They hate the cold, and stop visiting the beach when the autumn comes and don’t swim in the sea if the temperature is less than 28 degrees above zero.


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